16+ Wheel Kit


Don’t let your adventures be limited to the pavement. The 16+ Wheel Kit improves handling over snow, sand and gravel. The Kit includes two 16×3” push button wheels with a knobby tread. Say goodbye to the sidewalk.

Storage Cover


Trailer Storage Cover.

Baby Snuggler


Soft and Snuggly. The Baby Snuggler™ keeps your littlest traveler secure when jogging or strolling.

Jogger Kit


Front fixed wheel for running with the trailer. Available for both the Solo and Double trailers. (2007-Current)

Two Wheel Stroller Kit


Turn your trailer into a stroller with this kit.

1 Wheel Stroller Kit


Turn you trailer into a stroller with this 1 wheel kit.

We! Ski Kit


Perfect for cross country skiing or snow shoeing, the We! Ski Kit attaches to the wheel axle with a push button system. The adjustable, lightweight tow bars connect to the trailer side mounts and lead to a padded hip harness. Tow bars connect to the harness where multiple attachment points allow for a perfect fit.

Walking and Hiking Kit


This adjustable waistband and tow bar kit makes it easy to walk or hike with your Burley. The Walking & Hiking Kit includes an adjustable padded mesh waistband and two telescoping aluminum poles that let you adjust the length to match your stride. The poles attach easily at the sides of the waistband and won’t rub or poke while you walk. Great for hiking or trails that don’t allow bikes. Start walking and your Burley will be behind you all the way.