The Annual Tune Up & Storage Special.

We are offering a special storage & tune for bicycles this winter. This will provide your bicycle with “The Annual” tune up, new cables, housing and brake pads. $200 TAX in!* ┬áPayment due when you drop your bicycle off. Pick up date is no later than March 15th, 2017. Extra charges my apply if left with us later than the pick date. Beat the spring rush with this special.

Winterize & The Annual Tune Up Special

If you plan to keep pedalling your bicycle through the winter, then you need to prepare. Your bicycle will be provided with “The Annual” tune up, new cables, greased housing, brake pads, studded winter tires** and rust/oxidation frame protection. All interfaces with components and frame will have anti seize compound applied as well as all necessary grease and lub point addressed. $325 TAX in!*

In Store Sales!

At this time of year we are looking to clear out the 2016 stock. With that comes great discounts. Click the link for more details. High Five

*Prices can very if you need additional parts or accessories that are above and beyond the special. We do our best to examine your bicycle on arrival and provide an estimate for any additional parts or labour.

**When by chance fitting the studded tires on your bicycle is not possible, Tall Tree will fit the bicycle with a more aggressive tread/softer compound tire as an alternative.

Thanks for your support. We hope to see you and your bicycle soon!