Burley Hitch and Adapter Guide

This PDF guide will help you determine if you can attach your trailer out of the box, or if you will require an additional part.


The Hitching Instructional video shown here teaches you how to attach a Burley trailer to your bicycle. Below you will find links to the product pages for extra hitches, adapters and thru-axles.

Steel Hitch


The Steel Hitch provides the critical connection from your Burley Trailer to your bicycle. The hitch installs easily on the rear skewer of your bike, and then stays attached so the Burley can be connected at any time. If you’d like to swap the Burley from bike to bike, pick up a couple spare hitches and install them on the extra bikes so the hitch doesn’t need to be un-installed when swapping bikes.

If you are upgrading from a Classic Hitch to a Steel Hitch, you will also need to purchase a Flex Connector: Part # 950038 (square tow bar) or Part # 950037 (round tow bar)

Classic Hitch

Burley’s patented pivoting hitch designed for easy attachment to most traditional bikes.

  • Comes with safety strap
  • Stays attached to the trailer’s tow bar and switches easily between traditional bike frames
  • Works with bicycles with Breezer style drop outs. Does not fit with most bicycles with disc brake or rear suspension
  • Does not fit mono stay bicycles

Does not include Flex Connector. See Part #950038 (square tow bar) or Part # 950037 (round tow bar)


Hitch Adapter


This adapter spaces out the standard hitch allowing bike frames with hooded/tight rear dropouts to have hitch clearance. This adapter is also used in breezer style dropout applications for proper hitch installation.

Select the version that matches the diameter and thread pattern of your rear axle.


  • 3/8 x 26
  • M10 x 1.0
  • M10.5 x 1.0
  • Quick Release Skewer



Thru Axle


Burley’s official adapter for bikes with a 12mm thru axle. Stock thru axles are not able to accommodate any sort of axle mounted hitch system. The Burley Thru Axle is a requirement for any axle mounted hitch system with a bike that has a 12mm thru axle. Our new Thru Axles have an external male threading on the end to accommodate the installation of our axle mounted hitch system.


  • 12 x 1.0, 142-148mm
  • 12 x 1.5, 142-148mm
  • 12 x 1.75, 142-148mm
  • 12 x 1.75, 197mm
  • 12 x 1.5, 197mm