XL Rack

Ideal for the Yepp Maxi Easyfit in combination with bike bags! Thanks to the Easyfit Carrier XL’s large side frame, your bags will no longer collide with your wheel or mudguard. It also provides additional stability.

The Easyfit carrier XL can be quickly and easily installed with just 4 bolts. Bike bags measuring 33 × 32 × 19 cm are best suited to the carrier. Install the carrier for the Yepp Junior on a rear rack that can support 35 kilos. For the Yepp Maxi, a rear rack that supports 25 kilos may also be suitable (European norm EN 14872) but don’t overload your bike bags. Due to the risk of overload, we prefer not to install a Yepp Junior on an XL carrier.

Check with your bicycle dealer to see if the luggage carrier on your bike is suitable for the XL carrier.


Rack Easy Fit Adapter

With the clever Yepp Easyfit, you can install your Yepp Maxi Easyfit seat on any bike with a rack that supports 25kg, even an electric bike with the battery underneath the rear rack. You can choose from two colours: black or silver.

You can easily install the Yepp Easyfit on rear racks of 11 – 17 cm. Do you use the Easyfit with the Yepp Junior? If so, install it on a rear rack that can support at least 35kg.



A sturdy and robust steel luggage rack. You can easily install the Yepp Rack on most 28” city bikes and hybrid bikes. The rack is fitted with an Easyfit window and is suitable for the Yepp Maxi Easyfit and the Yepp Junior Easyfit. When you buy the Yepp Rack, it comes complete with all the hardware to install it, including a mounting plate for a rear light or reflector.

The Yepp Rack complies fully with the European norm EN14872 for rear racks that can support up to 35kg. Its dimensions are: H 40 x W 14 x L 43 cm.

Available in two colours: black or silver.


Stem Adapter

An extra Mini stem adapter allows you to install your Yepp Mini on a second bicycle in a flash.
The stem adapter can be mount on a round steel stem with a diameter of 20-28 mm which comply with the ISO 4210-5.
On the stem you will need 41 mm of space.


A Head Adapter

A handy solution for bikes with ‘other’ handlebars such as ATB bikes. The Mini Ahead adapter allows you to also install your Yepp bike seat on an Ahead stem. Unfortunately you cannot use the adapter in combination with a Yepp windscreen.


Seatpost Adapter

The extra Seatpost adapter allows you to install your Yepp Maxi on a second bike.


Yepp Windscreen

Protected from wind and rain. And from pesky flies, leaves and gravel. The Yepp windscreen is made from bright, sturdy and fully transparent material. Ideal for a carefree, unobscured view of the world.

You can install the Yepp Windscreen directly on the Yepp Mini’s stem or slim fit adapter.